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Creating Sustainable Supply Chains With Blockchain Technology




Strategic advisory for business and industry-wide application of Blockchain technology.


Proof of concept, use case and demo system development for exploration and validation of Blockchain application.


Distributed ledger and smart contract technologies solutions development for the corporate and public sector. 


Blockchain application education and learning for corporate, government agencies and institutions.

Blockchain For Traceability In Palm Oil Supply Chain

Application of Blockchain in the palm oil industry not only provides an unprecedented level of trust in the supply chain, but also contributes to protecting the working conditions and legal employment of field workers, gives plantations rich data on crop harvesting.


  • Real-time traceability of palm oil from plant to plate

  • Cost and effort reduction for sustainability tracking and certification process

  • Improved workers conditions and plantation management

  • Crop management data

  • Digital inventories of the plantations

  • Track land concessions

  • Sustainable land usage planning policies

  • Minimize spoilage - temperature and humidity monitoring during processing, storage, and transport

Our Alliance Partners

BloomBloc Sdn. Bhd. is the result of a collaboration between several industry leaders in their own right. We have created a very unique way to operate with a network of experienced professionals and specialized experts in business, supply chain and Blockchain technology who have been hand-picked for their outstanding capabilities in their field of expertise.

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