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Accelerate Blockchain implementation 

We are passionate about the possibilities that Blockchain technology creates for businesses. We believe Blockchain technology is able to create real value and transformation in global supply chains that align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations. Blockchain technology creates provenances, transparency, as well as continuous, real time traceability across the entire supply chain of any industry.


Our team of experts and specialists will work closely with your organization to create a sophisticated solution through the application of Blockchain technology. BloomBloc Sdn. Bhd. operates in a unique way by first focusing on the business and strategic value of Blockchain technology for supply chain. We then collaborate with technology experts who have been hand-picked for their outstanding capabilities in their field of expertise to create real-world solutions.

Strategic Advisory & Blockchain Consulting

  • Assessment of industry & business need for Blockchain solution

  • Business case development

  • Digital maturity & Blockchain readiness assessment

  • Blockchain education & learning delivery

  • Benefits of Blockchain solution

Use Case & Proof Of Concept Development

  • Problem definition

  • ‘Painstorming’ process landscape

  • Impact of Blockchain in current business

  • Design Thinking workshops

  • Key solution design principles

  • High-level solution design

  • Solution validation workshops

Pilot Implementation

  • Requirements analysis

  • Interoperability with existing environment

  • Technical architecture design

  • Blockchain pilot development

  • Pilot implementation

  • Testing & validation

Full Solution Implementation

  • Blockchain solution development

  • Blockchain implementation

  • Training & user deployment

  • Support & maintenance

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